Sookhtama Company, aims to satisfy its customers and gain their trust by meeting their specific needs and demands. According to its purpose, the following main objectives are pursued:

  1. Making efforts for qualitative promotion of products and continuous improvement of quality in order to achieve the main goal of the organization that is increased customer satisfaction.
  2. Reduction of costs and waste as well as increasing the efficiency and achieving zero-waste production.
  3. Paying special attention to the training system as a means for promoting the professional and cultural competencies of personnel.
  4. Automation and equipping the laboratory with an emphasis on the development of equipment and utilization of appropriate technologies.
  5. Promotion of suppliers in line with qualitative and quantitative support.
  6. Ensure timely delivery.
  7. Providing a safe environment and promoting the motivation and spirit of participation among the staff as the organization’s most important spiritual capital.