Sookht Ama Co., was founded by late Bahman Gilaki in 1991.Our company’s first product as carburetor of two-stroke engines. Sookht Ama Co.,has expanded its field of activity to manufacture a variety of automotive parts since 1994 and currently possesses 3 factories of approximately 50,000 square meters housing more than 400 employees.

About us

Sookht Ama Co., is the biggest manufacturer of wide range of water pumps and oil pumps and is equipped with the most technologically advanced production line of throttle body.

Profiting from one of the biggest Aluminum, die-casting lines together with the best high-tech CNC machines , Sookht Ama Co., is manufacturing various light and heavy components of automobiles .

Sookht Ama ., has been contracting with Iran khodro and Saipa to supply them annually with more than 6,000,000 pieces of the above –mentioned products. Our company is, as well, the biggest supplier of its own products for ISACO, Saipa yadak and Iranian aftermarket.

Sookht Ama Co., is the first company to achieve the standard certificate from ISIRI for manufacturing a variety of oil pumps in IRAN and is the exclusive holder of the mentioned certificate for water pump too.

Focusing on a quality –based strategy has enabled Sookht Ama Co., to be in partnership with the biggest European manufacturers of water pump such as SALERI in Italy for more than 8 consecutive years .We have proudly launched the highly sophisticated production & design line of a wide range of throttle bodies to harmonize it with different EMS systems.

  • The biggest manufacturer of water pump
  • The biggest manufacturer of oil pump
  • The main supplier of spark plug
  • The main supplier of brake pads
  • The main supplier of rocker arm
  • The main supplier of oil filter support
  • The biggest manufacturer of throttle body Euro2
  • The biggest manufacturer of throttle body Euro4