Our History

Timeline of Sookhtama Company:

  • 1990: Establishment
  • 1991: Getting started as a manufacturer of two-stroke carburetor and cooperation with Niroo Mohareke Company until 2001
  • 1994: Entry to the market of car parts manufacturing and production of Pride’s water pump
  • 1998: Beginning of production of Pride’s oil pump
  • 1999: Receiving ISO 9001 certification
  • 2002: Obtaining the national standard license for production of oil pump
  • 2003: Starting the cooperation with Sapco to supply Peugeot 405’s oil pump in the production line of Iran Khodro.
  • 2005: Receiving ISO TS 16949-2002 Certificate
  • 2006: Production of Peugeot 206 (TU5 ) water pump
  • 2007: Production of Peugeot 206 (TU3)water reservoir
  • 2008: Production of water pump for Peugeot 405 and becoming the biggest manufacturer of water pumps and oil pumps in Iran
  • 2009: Production of clutch casing and setting up the line of aluminum die casting
  • 2010: Production of Peugeot 206 gearbox casing
  • 2011: Beginning of supply kia Pride throttle body to the production line of Saipa Company
  • 2012: Beginning of production of Peugeot 405 gearbox casing
  • 2013: Beginning of oil carter production
  • 2014: Beginning of oil filter base production
  • 2014: Beginning of production of kia Pride throttle body Euro4 
  • 2014: Beginning of production of Tiba throttle body
  • 2014: Beginning of production of pickup throttle body
  • 2014: Beginning of production of Peugeot 206 (TU3) water pump and also attaining EMS kit contract
  • 2015: Completion construction of the second plant and launching the production lines of advanced technological and electrical parts
  • 2016: First Iranian company with Iran national Standard certificate for manufacturing all kinds of auto water pumps

Sookhtama Company was established in 1990. At the beginning, SACO, started its cooperation with Niroo Mohareke Company, the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Iran, as the only manufacturer of two-stroke carburetor engines, and this partnership lasted until 2001

Sookhtama Company began a new era in the history of its development and quickly became the biggest manufacturer of water pumps and oil pumps in Iran with entering the market of car parts manufacturing and started the production of Pride’s water pump for Megamotor in 1994, Furthermore, Sookhtama was the first company which received the national standard license for production of oil pump.

Currently, by manufacturing a wide range of car parts, Sookhtama is known as one of the most prestigious Iranian part makers. Relying on a production history of nearly ten million car parts over the past years, this company is still taking steps towards development and progress. Sookhtama Company has been chosen as the top manufacturer of Megamotor for three times. Gaining these titles, along with receiving ISO TS 16949-2002 Certificate, Approval of France Peugeot, and other certificates and documents from the competent authorities, shows the quality of products produced by this company.

In this company, car parts produced according to modern, valid, and high quality methods with using automatic and advanced CNC machines. SACO Reputation and experience has caused the parts produced by them to be used in the production lines of Iran’s largest automakers such as Iran Khodro and Saipa,. Therefore, Sookhtama Company has become one of the most trusted suppliers in Iran’s automotive industry

 Sookhtama is now producing different parts such as water pump, oil pump, gas vent, gearbox casing, and oil carter in a factory covering an area of 40,000 square meters and having 300 employees .Moreover, this company moving towards the production of new collections and parts such as filter base, EMS kit, and more modern and diverse collections. Considerable sales volume of this company and its subsidiaries indicates customers’ trust in products of Sookhtama Company.