Sookhtama Product Catalog

Sookhtama Company is a leading manufacturer of various water pumps, oil pumps, and gas valves. It boasts the most advanced production line for gas valves, utilizing the latest CNC machining technology. Additionally, it maintains the largest aluminum casting lines and production lines for diverse light and heavy die-cast auto parts.

Committed to continuous development, the company recently launched the latest production line for diverse types of spark plugs and brake pads.

Sookhtama is a key supplier to the automotive industry, holding contracting agreements with major manufacturers like Mega Motor, Saipa, SAPCO, and Iran Khodro. Additionally, it serves as the leading provider of auto parts for the after-sales service networks of Isaco and Saipa Yadak.

Sookhtama stands out within the industry as the only company recognized by the national standard for its diverse range of automotive water pumps. Notably, it was also the first recipient of this prestigious mark for its production of various oil pumps, solidifying its position as a leader in both quality and innovation.

Through the implementation of a rigorous quality-based system, the company has established a strong and lasting partnership with leading European manufacturers of automotive parts, a collaboration spanning eight consecutive years. Sookhtama takes pride in having designed and commissioned the most advanced production line for diverse mechanical throttle valves, offering compatibility with a wide range of Engine Management Systems (EMS).

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